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The story behind the truck...

This is my Step-Mom, Theresa. She has been in my life for 42 years. She’s my family, friend, confidant, and so much more. Most beautiful, kind soul you’ll ever meet. She infuses love into everything she does, and has amazing culinary skills. She held on tight to her family recipes for Burritos, Red Chile Enchiladas, and a few other dishes that may pop up on our menu as specials. But she cooked, and freely shared the foods with friends and family, always leaving us to crave more.

Theresa finally entrusted us with the recipes and guided us in making them several times; to ensure we were using the proper quality ingredients. We loved the food so much, as did anyone we introduced it to, that we started dreaming about opening a restaurant, so we could share these and other flavorful creations with others. Fast forward many years later, and I thought, we don’t want to take on the huge task of a brick and mortar restaurant; so how about a food truck?

Some thought I was crazy, some thought I was joking, and some thought, hmm, she may be on to something. And who was one of my biggest supporters, and encouraged me to follow this dream? My Step-Mom, Theresa, Of course.

Then it became a family affair, with my Son and Daughter-In-Law coming on board as my partners, along with my husband (it took him a while, he doesn’t like change!). My son Jeff, built and maintains the website, and other technological and marketing aspects. His wife Jackie is my partner on the truck, and she and Jeff have phenomenal culinary skills. My husband is the jack of all trades for us, and I am the one standing there with my thumb in my...ahem.

Our goal is to make savory, flavorful foods, with only the best quality and freshest ingredients. We truly hope you enjoy the food as much as we have over the years.

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